Jul 9, 2008

Hard Hats And Mud Slinging Won't Do it

Audrey Young blogs on the PM's instruction to the troops.

We were thinking about what we would do if we were the PM in current circumstances. Would we batten down the hatches, put on the hard hats and try and battle things out with the same troop deployment? Or would be shake things up a bit? Show the electorate that we have been listening and that Labour is willing to make changes? Labour is in real trouble so the more radical approach is needed. So here is what we would do:

  • Park the ETS legislation and take National up on its call for a bi-partisan approach. Appoint an new Climate Change Minister. Why not take on the job yourself?
  • Ask Cullen to stand down as Deputy and arrange for Goff to get the job.
  • Make a firm commitment that if re-elected, I would stand down in favour of Goff before the end of 2010 (people want change - this will guarantee it);
  • Give the Cabinet a real shake-up appoint a new Finance Minister - Cunliffe? (And announce an intention to keep cutting taxes.)
  • Bring some more new blood into Cabinet - Chauvel and Laban?
  • Give Shane Jones a more challenging portfolio.
  • Stop the negative campaigning. Fight the election on policy and vision.
  • Allow PPP funding for major infrastructure and agree to debt fund key projects.
  • Put some really good names on high up on your list. Will a former race relations conciliator really make a big difference? Good person and will help to win some migrant votes, but you need some REALLY big names (we don't mean Rod Oram - he might bring you a few Anglican voters but you will all be driven mad in caaucus and Parliament).b

Follow the above and you will have a chance of being competitive. Stick with your current course and you will be toast.