Jul 31, 2008

More EFA Pain For Labour

This from NZPA and the Dominion Post

A State Service Commission investigation has found government websites contain 13,600 references to the "Labour-led Government" which should be removed because of the Electoral Finance Act.
National deputy leader Bill English said the SSC had sent out a memo to 120 state agencies saying "Labour-led government" was not appropriate under the EFA.
A search by the SSC had found the offending phrase 13,600 times on taxpayer funded websites, Mr English said.
Cabinet Minister Pete Hodgson said the SSC had advised departments of their obligations under the EFA and he hoped they were well followed.
He said as time went by the references would be removed.
Mr English said departments seemed to ignoring the SSC advice.
Treasury recently removed all references to a Labour-led Government in budget material.
Mr English also claimed that a Labour MP was distributing stickers with the phrase "Labour-led Government" and featuring two ticks.
These were funded by the Prime Minister's office and in clear breach of the EFA, he said.
Mr Hodgson did not respond to the substance of Mr English's allegation.