Jul 26, 2008

Liar,Liar, Your Pants....

Sir Bob says Winston is a liar. This is no surprise to The Hive as we have found instances of this trait before.

We have also been warning the Government about how Winston might ruin Condi's visit. But have they listened?????

This from the Dominion Post

Sir Robert Jones has accused Winston Peters of "lying" about a $25,000 political donation.
Property developer Sir Robert's attacks now threaten to overshadow the NZ First leader's finest hour as foreign affairs minister.
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice arrived in Auckland last night with Mr Peters still dogged by the controversy - despite his angry rebuttal of allegations swirling around NZ First funding yesterday.
Mr Peters revealed he expects to brief Prime Minister Helen Clark on funding issues next week - a sign of concern in the Government about continued fallout.
Dr Rice will hold meetings with Mr Peters, Miss Clark and National leader John Key before flying out for Samoa with Mr Peters tomorrow.
Mr Peters lashed out yesterday at what he labelled a campaign of "innuendo and character assassination". He insisted he had done nothing wrong after revelations by The Dominion Post that Sir Robert's $25,000 cheque for NZ First was not disclosed to electoral authorities.
In response, Sir Robert accused Mr Peters of talking "rubbish". "I'm very sad that Winston has now resorted to blatant lying," Sir Robert told The Dominion Post.
Mr Peters confirmed the newspaper's revelations this week that a $25,000 cheque from Sir Robert was paid to the Spencer Trust. The trust is administered by Mr Peters' brother Wayne.
Asked for details about the trust, Mr Peters said he could not answer the questions and repeatedly told reporters to "ring the trust".
"I have no involvement with that trust."
But his version of events, in relation to the circumstances in which the $25,000 cheque was given, is completely at odds with Sir Robert's.