Jul 22, 2008

Condi's Inbox

Again we make Dave Keegan's job a bit easier

Confidential and Highly Sensitive

From Wellington

To State Flash

From DCM Keegan

Please pass immediately to Asst Sec Hill

New Zealand Politics

The situation here surrounding Foreign Minister Peters has just become much worse.

Unless the PM fires Peters we recommend against the Secretary visiting.

This is most unusal as New Zealand had once had a reputation as one of the least corrupt societies in the world. But now it appears that one of New Zealand's best known politicians has been accepting money from vested interests for years and repaying this support with substantial Government grants - grants made against Treasury advice.

Secretary Rice is reported in the NZ media to be friendly to Winston Peters. This potentially makes matters worse. Does she really want to be seen in this man's company?

CIA have further and even more worrying reporting on the sources on Winston Peters' funding.