Jul 30, 2008

Winston Not A Man Of His Word

Audrey Young says in her blog that:

Winston Peters has not done what he said he would do.
Last Saturday during a press conference with Condoleezza Rice, the Foreign Minister was asked by TV3 what he thought about Bob Jones having accused him of lying.
[Bob Jones says Peters solicited a donation for New Zealand First: Peters says he didn't. In any event Jones wrote a $25,000 cheque to the Spencer Trust and doesn't know what happened to it.]
Peters said at the Condie press conference: "I can't wait to get down to Parliament next week and to deal with the three versions of Bob Jones' stories from Bob Jones. But I want to deal with this matter today which is so much more important.
"Next week you'll get all the answers you need. But all I would ask you to do in the meantime is find out which of the three versions that Bob Jones has given you believe and today I would like to concentrate on a very, very serious visit to this country and on important issues to do with our relationship in the 21st century. "
As he was leaving the room in Government House, he looked at Duncan Garner and said "Got that sunshine?''
It was that promise to give "all the answers you need'' that led to an expectation today that Peters might actually give Sir Robert the reassurance he wants that his $25,000 donation was actually spent on the party despite it not being disclosed as a donation.
Peters revealed nothing today on the matter enveloping his party that we did not know yesterday.
It is sounding familiar. He also said he would return from Singapore last Friday and deal with the allegations but instead held a press conference.
NZPA has done a transcript of part of it which I'll run at the end of this - and you'll see why Helen Clark yesterday described as The Greatest Show on Earth.