Jul 29, 2008

Peters Thinks Everything Put To Rest

We don't think so. Lets hope tomorrow's Dominion Post arrives on time. But then the PM gets her copy before she goes to bed. We hope she sleeps well.

Meanwhile this is the report on Winston's wishful thinking from the Stuff site. We will put up the Hansard transcript from Question #1 in Parliament today once we have this. It was from Key to Clark on her confidence in Peters

NZ First leader Winston Peters has dismissed as "nonsense" speculation that the Government's majority is threatened over the NZ First funding row and has blamed the scandal on "dirty politics".
After meeting Prime Minister Helen Clark in her office this morning to discuss allegations of covert party funding, Mr Peters said he was confident the matters raised by questions over donations to NZ First had been "put to rest".
Describing the meeting as "cordial", he said its purpose had been to "clear up the media-generated hysteria of the past two weeks".
"Media speculation about the confidence and supply agreement between New Zealand First and Labour is nonsense.
"This whole affair is a shameful episode of dirty politics."