Jul 25, 2008

Is Winston Having Some Form Of Breakdown?

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He really doesn't seem himself. He was sweating profusely over the period of the part conference and seems to be increasingly irrational, almost in denial. And he is increasingly seeing conspiracies.....

This from Stuff

NZ First leader Winston Peters has angrily refused to reveal who and what the Spencer Trust is, the organisation property developer Sir Robert Jones says he gave money to.
He would not say when he knew of the trust.
"Neither I nor my barrister has any involvement with the Spencer Trust."
To questions about the trust he repeatedly said "ask them".
He assailed media coverage of his party funding, saying it was "unsubstantiated rubbish".
"Every donation New Zealand First has ever received has been legal and no individual has ever personally retained any donations," he said.
"NZ First is once again caught up in a power struggle for control," he said.
He said he had no knowledge of the Spencer Trust which Sir Robert Jones said he had paid money into.
"What are you left with?" Peters said.
"A campaign of innuendo, misrepresentation and character assassination promoted by some particular interests of their own purposes.
"These campaigns have been going on since 1991 and they have always failed," Peters said.
"New Zealand First is again caught in the centre of a power struggle for the control of the country's resources in 2008.
"We are sure that the people will be acutely aware of what will happen to their pensions, wages and strategic assets if their protection is lost."
He said Jones memory was failing him.
Before New Zealand First was formed he said Jones announced he would give money.
Peters said it was $50,000.
Peters said he did not solicit the money from Jones; he gave it unsolicited.
Jones "wrote a cheque for the Spencer Trust" but he would not say what the money was used for.
"You had better ask the Spencer Trust."
He added: "I have been advised by party officials at the time that there is nothing New Zealand First is required to disclose arising from the Spencer Trust."
He said the money from the Vela racing family is lawful.
An angry press conference is continuing, with Peters attacking journalists as unprofessional.
TV3's John Campbell began to walk out at one point and Peters demanded he sit down.