Jul 30, 2008

What Is Winston Up To: Are We Being Played???

We have just watched One News and talked to some eye witnesses to one of Winston's staged press confrontations today. We have also read his speech to Grey Power in Wellington. We think we have the answer to the questions we posed yesterday about Winston's behavior. We think that Jessica Mutch (sad loss for Prime/SKY but good gain for ONE News) is onto Winston as well. Is this a politician under pressure or a cunning old politician seeking to gain more publicity?

It is beginning to look like the latter - plus a bit of our fourth question - short arse git who enjoys grandstanding. That was made clear by him being upset that he couldn't appear tall on TV tonight.

But will it work? Will Winston really be able to get through this scandal by facing "then down" as he suggested he can in his speech today?

Let me assure you these people will not win.We have faced them down before, and won and we will face them down again and will win again.

We shall see....