Sep 17, 2008

Winston To Be Fired Today

At The Hive we have given up predicting, but the Dominion Post is braver than we are. Martin Kay and Emily Watt report that the signs are not good for Winston Peters. We certainly hear that the PM is becoming increasingly worried about the impact the scandals are having on support for Labour First and in particular the way in which new evidence on Las Vegas is showing that the Labour First ship was not being managed as tightly as people previously believed. And now the leaks are becoming more numerous. Helen knows she has to do something, but how will Winston react? Will he spill the beans???

This from the Dominion Post

Winston Peters' last-ditch bid to stave off dismissal over the Owen Glenn donation saga appears doomed after signs that Prime Minister Helen Clark is not impressed that his lawyer has changed their version of events.
Miss Clark could dismiss Mr Peters as soon as today after his lawyer, Brian Henry, told the privileges committee yesterday he spoke to him seconds before e-mailing bank account details to Mr Glenn for a $100,000 donation.
Mr Peters said last week he did not know whether he called Mr Henry in the minutes between being phoned by Mr Glenn and the e-mail being sent.
Mr Glenn said that call was to confirm he would contribute to the cost of Mr Peters' High Court bid to overturn his 2005 loss in Tauranga.
Mr Peters insists he did not know Mr Glenn, a shipping billionaire, made the donation. He declined to comment last night.
Miss Clark was being briefed on Mr Henry's evidence by her deputy, Michael Cullen, who sits on the committee. His assessment of whether Mr Peters' version of events is credible will be crucial in her decision on whether he stays as a minister.