Sep 13, 2008

Winston Should Stop Mentioning Fish

First it was scampi now piranha. Read the latest from the twisted mind that is Winston Peters, co-leader of the Clark/Peters Government. Silly little man in his gangster outfits (though he wouldn't have looked out of place in Las Vegas.....
The media were responsible for his problems, he said.
"They are like a school of piranhas circling society, seeking to slash, tear, maim and destroy anything that shows any signs of weakness, non-conformity or heaven forbid – criticises the media," Mr Peters told a Grey Power meeting in Auckland.
"Editors of our major newspapers, television stations and radio stations have all decided getting rid of Peters is the most important political story in the country."
Mr Peters said the media were failing to tell NZ First's or his side of the story.
NZPA and other media organisations have repeatedly asked Mr Peters, his staff, MPs, party office holders and former party officers holders to comment or explain the party's financial arrangements and the apparent breaches of the law, and all have either refused or said they cannot comment.
Mr Jones said he had never heard of the Spencer Trust or its donations until it was named in the media.
Mr Peters told Grey Power his side of the story had yet to be told.
"We have made some mistakes – trivial human mistakes that can be rectified. We are confident about this," Mr Peters said.
"Our mistakes happened after a change of three key office holders and in one case a serious communications gap. Fair minded New Zealanders know that I have never enriched myself on any battle fought on their behalf."