Sep 18, 2008

Who Leaked The Crapper Video?

Hooton has another story sourced to "impeccable sources". It is pretty earth shattering. If true then Winston Peters' pathetic little world just blew apart. What else will soon be leaked?

Now we don't buy into all of Hooton's conspiracy theory but we do know that a person, who is respected in political circles, who is a quasi journalist nowadays, and who goes around advising lots of important people about what might happen, has a theory that for Labour to win, eliminating NZ First is essential. It all hangs on Labour First getting 38%, the Greens getting 6 or 7% and the Maori Party an overhang. National could still get close to 50% but not be able to rule because of the overhang and redistribution of the wasted Winston First vote. We are not saying we buy Colin's theory either but it does fit pretty well with the Hooton information.

We love the humour of the Beehive arranging the tape to be sent to Whaleoil of all people!!