Sep 7, 2008

What Is Owen Glenn's Motivation In Coming Back To Testify?

This has been a big question around town this week. We have argued that Glenn is very worried about his reputation and mana. Face is not just an Asian concept. Glenn has done nothing wrong. He arranged a gong by paying money to Auckland University and the Labour Party. That was all fine. Labour delivered on its promises. Then things went wrong. He gives Labour a loan which was initially denied. He also gives Winston Peters $100,000 with the expectation that he will be appointed Honorary Consul in Monaco. Not only is this appointment not delivered but the donation is denied. He is being called a liar by Winston Peters and the Labour Party are spreading nasty rumours about him. Even in public the Deputy PM is calling him confused. There are people now laughing about the dent to Auckland University's reputation in having its great new business school HQ named the "Owen Glenn building". This has really pissed Glenn off. Owen is coming back to clear his name. Watch out.

There is an interesting profile on Glenn in today's Sunday Star Times.