Sep 14, 2008

This Election Is About Trust

So you wouldn't use an airbushed photo would you?

This from the Herald on Sunday

The man who took the Prime Minister's glamorous new election-campaign photograph says any touch-ups were "minimal" - although he does admit to using soft light.
Helen Clark said she was "very happy" with the twin billboards unveiled yesterday. They feature her beaming face and she is dressed in a white jacket and top.
One supporter in the crowd yesterday quipped: "Bit of air brushing, looks gorgeous."
Photographer Monty Adams took the campaign shot and was adamant that the touch-ups were "minimal".
"There was such a hoo-ha about her last photo, which was hardly touched up at all."
Rather it was the use of "very, very soft light".
"Everyone looks great under it. That's the light I use for older women these days, my Joan Collins light."
Adams has been photographing the Prime Minister for a number of years and said she was a good subject.
"Obviously we put a lot more make-up on her than she usually wears."
Adams said the most post-production work was done whitening Clark's eyes. "The wrinkles are still there," he said.