Sep 5, 2008

Privileges Committee And The Trifecta of Woe

When the Privileges Committee process started up we were of the view that Winston would probably be able to bluster his way through that process. If anyone was going to get him it was the SFO. This was probably the PM's view also. She didn't take action until the SFO became involved.

But now we are of a different mind. We think that Winston is going to face a trifecta of woe. He is going to be found to have misled Parliament, the SFO will find that there is clear evidence of fraud in the NZ First accounts, and the Police will prosecute NZ First for false funding returns. This will leave Winston with zero credibility. We leave the last word to Bob Jones writing in today's Dominion Post:

It is possible that somewhere in darkest Africa, an ancient toothless crone muttering gibberish in the corner of her hut might believe Winston's story over the $100,000 Glenn payment. If so then she would be alone in the world.