Sep 18, 2008

Peters Upset With SFO Evidence?

We spent last evening trying to imagine what Winston Peters was planning to say this afternoon to the Privileges Committee.

Was this just an attempt to gain more free air time in the run up to the General Election?

Was he planning to expose the existence of a vast right wing conspiracy out to get him?

Was he going to present some new evidence that will clear his name?

Was he going to point the fingure at National and ACT funding?

Was he going to complian about the SFO investigation giving his Trusts a hard time?

Was he going to apologise?

Was he going to present all the receipts necessary to put the Las Vegas scandal to bed?

The NZ Herald suggests that this is all to do with the SFO and the fact that the SFO has presented written evidencee to the Privileges Committee.

One thing is for sure. Simon Power is going to have to run the meeting well and be firm in the Chair. We suspect that Winston is going to be up to no good here.