Sep 11, 2008

Owen And Laura - We Need You Back

Dear Owen (and Laura who probably does Owen's internet searching)

Sorry to drop this on you so soon after your return to where ever you flew from New Zealand to, but we need you to come straight back.

The press conference in Auckland was not a good call as it happens. If you had flown out of the country straight after the Privileges Committee all would be well. Unfortunately by saying the things you said about Helen, Michael and big Mike, you have seriously pissed the Labour Party off. So now, as a result, you have created an unholy alliance between Helen Clark and Winston Peters. They both want to destroy your reputation and credibility. Now some of us want to defend you, but we have no ammunition available to us to do so. Did anyone witness the discussion with greasy Mike Williams about the job request? Do you have his e-mail inviting himself onto your yacht? This sort of material is pretty essential if the Owen Glenn honour is going to be fully restored. 60% of New Zealand want to restore the knighthood so you can be honoured more appropriately. But the 40% who have a vested interest in keeping this corrupt bunch in power want your name dragged through the mud.

So Owen, please think of coming back. Please also change your PR advisers. The crowd you use are no good. The Hive team would be happy to introduce you to better people. Or you could just go straight to the top and give Barrie Saunders or Mark Unsworth a call.

In the meantime, should you want your NZ support base to help, please feel free to copy any documentation to . We will do our best to ensure that your name and honour are restored.

Kind regards

Yours sincerely

Queen Bee

PS anything you can send on the Honorary Consulship would be very helpful also.