Sep 14, 2008

One News Poll - Poll Blow

One News has just released its latest poll. Has Labour continued to narrow the gap, or has it paid a price for being associated with a liar?

Yes, seems to be the answer - "Pole blow", "bad news for Labour" was how One News described it.

The gap between National and Labour is now 18. National would have 66 seats, ACT 3, Maori 4 and United 1.

Compare that to Labour 43, Green 6, Progressive 1. That makes a 74 to 50 Parliament (Maori cause an overhang). Note NO NZ First.

The results:

National 53%
Labour 35%
Green 5%
ACT 2%
Maori 1.8%
NZ First 1.8%

Preferred PM

Key 40%
Clark 31%