Sep 10, 2008

Mike Williams Needs A New Job

According to Owen Glenn this morning, Mike Williams asked him for a job. This seems very strange but here is the direct quote from the NZ Herald

Mr Glenn also said that Mike Williams had asked him for a job on July 10 when he visited him on his yacht in France. Mr Glenn said he had no job for Mr Williams.

Maybe Mike liked life on board Owen's pleasure craft.

This description of life working with Owen appeared in the Sunday Star Times

In the late 1970s, Glenn's first marriage was ending, DCL was taking off, and there were always parties on the "50-something-foot" cruiser moored in Sydney's Rushcutters Bay, says McAlpine.
"There was never a shortage of beautiful ladies down on the boat, that's for sure. There was one called Nicky he was with for three or four years after his marriage went down the drain: she was a very big-breasted girl and liked to go topless on the boat, and that suited Owen. It wasn't like there were callgirls or anything like that. It was generally just the one lady at a time."
Business and pleasure overlapped at the conferences Glenn held after moving his base to the US. "Guys from the offices around the world turned up in the States for these sales conferences," says McAlpine. "We'd go out for dinner, then we'd end up in one of the clubs with the lovely ladies. If any of the boys liked any of the ladies and could get it on with them and it was going to cost them money, Owen would be only too glad to pay out. He was extremely generous."