Sep 10, 2008

Las Vegas

We posted a few questions about Winston's trip to Las Vegas last year. We are now getting some answers. It is interesting how willing people are to start bleating the weaker Winston's position is.

Whaleoil had this post yesterday quoting "MFAT sources"

MFAT sources have advised WOBH have advised that Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode has refunded the taxpayer for the cost of last years highly suspicious side trip to Las Vegas where WRP, 63, LMPONFA went to watch a boxing match

WOBH wants to know;
When was the money refunded?
Was it after Roar Prawn and WOBH revealed the suspicious trip?
Who paid for it actually?

And this comment was made by someone known as "Friend on The Board"

The other information expected to emerge from MFAT is who travelled to the USA for the Peters Perkey Pecker incident.
I believe the noose is tightening with names of the MFAT diplomatic staff, police and judge who were on the plane starting to circulate.

Police and Judge?