Sep 10, 2008

Kim Jong-Il Not ill But Is He Really Kim Jong-Il???

Understanding North Korea has today become more difficult.

First there were rumours that Dear leader Kim was seriously ill. But, taken from the Winston Peters Manual of Obfuscation Volume 1, a best seller in Pyongyang, a Government spokesperson says this is all lies, a conspiracy by the Western media.

But the plot thickens. Is Dear Leader the real Dear Leader? We have a Japanese experts saying that Dear Leader in fact died in 2003 and that his role is being played by a double.

This from The Australian

But this has made us think. How do we know that the high profile visitor to New Zealand was in fact Owen Glenn? And is that the real Laura Ede that was sitting next to him? Could they in fact have been actors hired by the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy to destabilise the Labour led Government?


Kiwiblog is also asking verification questions about members of the Glenn entourage.