Sep 17, 2008

John Armstrong Not Buying Henry's Story

Strong words from John Armstrong in today's NZ Herald

Just as the Moon is made of cheese and fairies live at the bottom of the garden, Winston Peters' lawyer, Brian Henry, wants to believe that the now notorious phone call from Owen Glenn to Peters never discussed a donation from the business tycoon to pay the legal bills of Henry's client.
However, the rest of us don't live on Planet Winston where black is white, white is what you want it to be and the story changes as fast as the shop-until-you-drop former Philippines first lady Imelda Marcos changed her shoes.
To say Henry's testimony to yesterday's meeting of Parliament's privileges committee was unconvincing is to be generous to a fault to the Auckland-based lawyer who was beamed into the hearing from Sydney by video conference.
Henry's difficulty was that Glenn's evidence to the committee on Tuesday last week was consistent and compelling, while Peters' riposte the following night was the opposite.
Henry never had a hope. Observing him trying to back up Peters' version of events was like watching someone trying to plug gaps in a New Orleans levee with only a toy bucket and spade as implements.

The holes just got bigger.