Sep 13, 2008

Huge Swing Against NZ First In Tauranga

A few weeks ago we posted on a poll that looked at voter sentiment in Tauranga. most attention was on the candidates. But today we focus on the party vote. Tauranga is important for NZ first as it is the electorate that has the strongest party vote for NZ First. Last election 13.3% of the party votes cast in Tauranga were for NZ First. What is the support now??? 5%. This is a huge swing.

Labour Party candidate Anne Pankhurst tells us that since this poll was taken things have moved further against Winston and that she now leads him, in second place, in the prefered candidate vote for the electorate.

Meanwhile we were very interested in this summary of NZ First support bases by Joe Hendren:

NZ First 2005 Top 15 Electorates by Party Vote Percentage
Tauranga 13.3%
Bay of Plenty 12.0%
Northland 10.2%
Coromandel 10.1%
Rotorua 9.2%
Whangarei 9.0%
Wairarapa 8.9%
Piako 8.9%
Port Waikato 8.4%
Rodney 8.1%
Taranaki-King Country 8.1%
Te Tai Tokerau 7.9%
Taupo 7.8%
Hamilton West 7.5%
Rangitikei 7.4%

Source: Joe Hendren