Sep 13, 2008

Grab The Flack Jackets: The Dirt Is About To Fly

Actually we though a fair bit was already flying. This from John Armstrong in the NZ Herald

Get the flak jackets out. The Prime Minister's announcement of the election date heralds the start of what is shaping to be the nastiest, ugliest and dirtiest election campaign in living memory.
Why? Because the two major parties line up against each other in a fashion that departs from the norm. Look back at past elections and the results fall into two categories: a Government defeated because it was on its last legs or an Opposition party losing because it was not ready to govern.
This election has a governing party still addicted to power and an Opposition one simply desperate for power. There is also a paradox - an obvious mood for change but little real hatred of the governing party.
On one side stands Labour, with an iron-willed leader who has rallied and refreshed her tiring team and is hell-bent on retaining occupancy of the ministerial suites in the Beehive.
On the other side stands National. There are still questions about its readiness to govern, but not its determination to do so. National has been out of power for nine years. A further three years in Opposition is simply not an option.