Sep 16, 2008

Glenn's KFC Allegation

Interesting post up on Whaleoil on Owen Glenn's allagations about free KFC for those who vote Labour in South Auckland. We quote the ending

El Jefe isn’t done yet, however. Last Wednesday evening Owen Glenn made the sensational claim that Williams called him on election day in 2005, while eating KFC with a hundred or so people he was feeding, while accompanying them to the polling booth to vote. That claim is only sensational to those who aren’t aware of the strategies Labour uses, along with the SFWU and the EPMU, in South Auckland.
On Thursday last week in Parliament, Field made an
interesting contribution during Question Time:
Taito Phillip Field: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. Given that we are so focused on being accurate and truthful in everything that we say, I tell members that I distinctly recall, from listening to the news last night, that the KFC story referred to Manurewa, not Māngere.
Mangere is Field’s own patch. Mangere, Manurewa, and Manukau East are the major voting block of Pacific Island, unionised voters. They are the heart of the membership of the SFWU and the EPMU in Auckland. Field was drawing attention away from the activities in Mangere, to redirect the focus on Manurewa.
No person in and around Parliament knows more the campaigning tactics of the EPMU, the SFWU, and the Labour Party in South Auckland in 2005, because he ran those tactics. Field knows where the bodies are buried. He could easily confirm Glenn’s story, as well as many others involving Mike Williams’ campaigning activities in South Auckland in 2005. Some enterprising journalist should go and ask him.