Sep 21, 2008

Further Suggestions That Hooton Is Right

Fran O'Sullivan is the latest to confirm some of Matthew Hooton's explanation for Helen Clark's willingness to keep Winston in limbo land

NZ First is so enmeshed in the four donations inquiries that it has taken its eye off the ball while its opponents move to gobble up its support base.
Even Clark is now campaigning in front of Grey Power - Peters' long-time fiefdom - while the MP strives to clear his reputation.

NZ First's fund-raising efforts are under pressure. Other personnel have had to step in and put a big effort behind the scenes, scoring the Rimutaka seat for MP Ron Mark as a bulwark against a total annihilation at the election. If Mark gets in - and Peters manages to drive up the party vote during the campaign - then NZ First will be a player next time.