Sep 9, 2008

Everyone Is Against Me. Owen Isn't Telling the Truth!

Yeah right.

Bolstering Mr Glenn's version of events, Melbourne Cup-winning horse trainer Paul Moroney provided an affidavit confirming that he heard Mr Peters thanking Mr Glenn for the donation at the Karaka horse sales in 2006.
Mr Peters has previously maintained he and Mr Glenn spoke at the 2007 sales, but Mr Glenn said he was in Europe that year.
Wrapping up his evidence, Mr Glenn said he took no pleasure from having to deal with the matters.
"I am aware that members of parliament who are members of this committee have questioned the authenticity of the letters that I have written. I am also aware that it has been said that I am 'confused’ and 'a liar'.
"These remarks are damaging to my reputation. These comments are wrong, as the documents I have produced show," Mr Glenn said.