Sep 4, 2008

Damning Criticism Of Electoral Finance Act

In a bold move Dr Helena Catt, the person resonsible for administering the Electoral Finance Act has delivered a damning criticism of the Act. This from the NZ Herald

The head of the Electoral Commission has warned that the law she is charged with overseeing is having a "chilling effect" on public participation in the election.
In a speech this week, Dr Helena Catt criticised the Electoral Finance Act for the first time since it came into law, saying it was confusing.
She said the rushed introduction, last-minute changes, and lack of political consensus had resulted in a "difficult law" and significant parts were "obscure" and hard to interpret.
"It is clear that having uncertainty remaining within the regulated period has had a chilling effect on the extent and type of participation in political and campaign activity."
The Electoral Finance Act was passed in controversial circumstances in December last year - just two weeks before its provisions came into effect - under heavy fire from its opponents, including a Herald campaign.
Although Dr Catt raised concerns about the bill before it was passed, her speech on Tuesday to the Lexis Nexis Electoral Finance Law Forum is the first time she has publicly criticised it since it came into force.

Note the criticism of the law's rushed introduction. Are any other laws being rushed? Biofuels, ETS???? What effect will they end up having???