Sep 11, 2008

Chris Trotter On Winston And Labour

Page 25 of today's The Independent

On Winston and his big business donors

In the end, Peters decided the constant possibility of partial exposure was preferable to the certainty of political derision if he opted for full disclosure. This was very much a case of living dangerously, but then Peters was used to living dangerously. he'd done so throughout his entire parliamentary career and somehow survived. Lady luck had always been his friend, so he would go on trusting her.
As we now know, this was a mistake.

On damage to Labour

So, maybe Labour's poll numbers really do look as good as their activists attest, and maybe they don't. It's obviously the perception they'd like to impose on the electorate's mind.
The reality, I suspect, is somewhat different. Anyone standing so close to NZ First as Labour is at present, cannot seriously expect to avoid just a little bit of ""collateral damage".