Sep 3, 2008

Australia Open To Looking At Alternatives To Cap And Trade

From the ABC

Climate Change Minister Penny Wong says the Federal Government is open to alternatives to a cap and trade emissions scheme.
There have been calls for a direct tax on carbon instead of the Government's preferred emissions trading scheme, which would set a limit on carbon.
Senator Wong says the Government is considering different options.
"Well, we've said in terms of the carbon pollution reduction scheme, we're willing to talk to business about the best way to design it, that's why we've got a green paper out there in order for this consultation to occur," she said.
BHP Billiton's chief executive Don Argus today told business leaders at the Australian Industry Group's National Forum in Canberra he would like to see the Federal Government consider a direct tax on carbon.
"I wouldn't leave out the carbon tax initiatives which I think other nations in the world are moving to rather than the carbon trading system," he said.
"That's mine, it's not the company's view."