Sep 10, 2008

Abject Disgrace And Utter Humiliation

Winston won't like reading John Armstrong this morning

Winston Peters is teetering on the brink. His three long decades in politics are just one short meeting of Parliament's privileges committee away from ending in abject disgrace and utter humiliation.
That may sound extreme, but things are that serious. Quite simply, Owen Glenn has blasted Peters' version of events right out of the water. What remained of Peters' credibility and reputation looks to have evaporated with it.
Everything now hangs on Peters' response to the business tycoon's latest and most damaging evidence when Peters makes his second appearance in front of the privileges committee tonight.
However, so compelling and convincing was Glenn's testimony to yesterday's hearing that it is hard to see where Peters can go by way of rebuttal. It begins to look very much like Peters has been caught out.