Jul 6, 2008

PM On Key

The PM's views on John Key are quoted in today's Herald. We are surprised by some of these reported views and fear for Labour. The PM has key wrongly classified. If we were a partisan blog we would keep quiet as it is probably not in National's interests to have us try and counter Clark's comments. But we are non-partisan.

We have met every National leader since Holyoake. We have huge admiration for Bolger who has become a friend since leaving politics but we rate him behind Key. Bolger is also well ahead of Shipley, McLay, Marshall and Holyoake. Holyoake was a man for his times, and he was very fortunate living in those times. He would not have hacked it today. We despised Muldoon and his political tactics and we are worried that PM Clark is becoming increasingly Muldoonist in her tactics. In the end the electorate rebelled against Muldoon and it is preparing to do the same to Clark. She still has time to change tack, but had better move fast.

We also rate Bill English highly. He gets better all the time. He became Leader too early. We see him as John Howard. Don't write him off as a future Leader and PM. But Key and English together are going to make a formidable team at the top of Government, should National win this year.

We also disagree over scripting. We have seen Key read set piece speeches many times and heard him ad lib several times. There is no doubt that he is best without the script.

He is far from shallow and is far more knowledgeable on general political and economic policy than the PM is suggesting. What makes money markets move Helen???? Political and economic developments. Key was one of the best in the world at reading these trends and making money from them.

You have been a very strong PM Helen, but what did you do before entering politics. Were you one of the best in the world in your field? Were you even one of the best in New Zealand in your field? Don't underrate this guy.

Take heed of John Armstrong's column yesterday. Stop the personal attacks and denigration. Start focusing on policies that are going to add hope to those out their who are becoming increasingly worried about every economic statistic they see. Key knows this is what people want to hear. His speeches don't denigrate you. Instead they paint an optimistic vision for New Zealand explain the general policies needed to get there. The problem for you Helen is that you are about to wreck any chance of a prosperous future by killing the productive sectors with your poorly designed ETS.