Jul 6, 2008

Deborah Coddington On Hager

Deborah Coddington was a face that surprised me at the recent National Party party, but then Stephen Franks has become a Nat also. We were not in the caucus room all that long as it was all too noisy. But we did note when we were there the room was more crowded than previous parties and that Deborah did get alot of time speaking to a group which included John Key. She writes about her impressions of the party in today's Herald on Sunday.

She also writes on Nicky Hager

At least we've got Nicky Hager to amuse us. I've always misjudged Hager as someone who took himself too seriously but his latest "expose" is hilarious. If John Key had gone around the press gallery with releases headlined "National Uses Boris Johnson's Spin Doctors" the hacks would have yawned and asked for real news, like what colour hair dye National's backbench women use.
Breathless Hager, however, has found the sniff of a conspiracy. I look forward to more revelations, such as Boris' sister being named Rachel - isn't that a Biblical name? And wasn't John Key's mother a Holocaust survivor? Jewish conspiracy? I think we should be told.