May 23, 2008

Yesterday's Trans Tasman

We continue to encourage our readers to subscribe to Trans Tasman. Yesterday''s edition (which because of the budget we only just got around to reading) is a particularly good one. The lead story is on the Goff "gaffe". This is followed later on by an analysis of why Alt TV leaked the interview. This agrees with our view that there was more to it than meets the eye.

Like The Hive TT is also positive about the Japan FTA progress and Helen Clark's trade policy record (which some of our readers believe is very right wing).

TT seems more optimistic about the Doha Round than we are. We hope they are right to have this optimism.

But best was a front page column sharing some home truths about NZ that no one is brave enough to utter - Phil Goff's comments this week were cited as an example. We don't dare repeat the other examples but we agree with each - particularly that about the Kyoto Protocol.....

TT is a bit light on MFAT posting gossip only reporting what is in the public domain - yesterday it reports on John Mataira's posting to Los Angeles to replace our a former star of The Hive - Rob Taylor who is going to work at Government House. Clearly Rob is not happy with the furnishings. We see that there is a largish sum included in the Budget to pay for an upgrade. Ian Wishart could have a field day on this if only he caught on.