May 23, 2008

National Maintains Huge Lead In Morgan Poll

The latest Roy Morgan poll is out. It shows National (49%) 14 ahead of Labour on (35%).
More worrying than the result for Labour is this result. According to Gary Morgan

“Helen Clark’s Government has been well behind the National Party for more than a year and the plunging Government Confidence (down 11pts to a record low 93.5) shows electors are losing confidence in Clark.
“The record low
Roy Morgan New Zealand Consumer Confidence Rating at 85.6 (down 7.1 pts in 2 weeks and down a massive 40.7pts since 2007) is a huge negative for the Labour Government seeking re-election.
“Helen Clark’s Government is running out of time to prevent Electoral defeat later in the year with “terrible” poll numbers indicating New Zealanders are ready for a change.”