May 25, 2008

Roughan On Goff

The Inquiring Mind has a post up on an article written on Phil Goff by the Herald's John Roughan. Like Adam we thought the article a bit strange and put it to one side yesterday pending some further investigation on Monday.

Since in Wellington anyway it is pretty miserable and cold, we thought we would rise to a challenge from Adam and have a go at answering the three questions at the bottom of his post. Our answers might warm things up a little in some locations.

Can we begin though by stating that Roughan's central thesis, that Goff doesn't want the Labour leadership is wrong. We know this to be incorrect for reasons that we will not explain here, take it from us, Goff wants to be leader very much.

Can we also say that we know that over the past six weeks or so, a pro-Cunliffe campaign has been started. Cunliffe is clearly involved and so is the 9th floor. We cannot explain the timing other than to try and turn anti-Cunliffe sentiment around in the caucus before the election and to scare Goff off. We believe that Goff's honest answers on Alt TV were his response.

We also know that there are business leaders/groups in Auckland and maybe nation wide that don't mind the idea of Cunliffe being Labour leader. Likewise there are business groups in Wellington anyway that are becoming overtly pro Goff (while not in anyway wanting to be anti-Clark - this is all about what happens post election should Labour suffer a loss). The Inquiring Mind was about the only blog in the country to actually pick up a sign of this last Wednesday, but perhaps everyone became distracted by the Goff gaffe that wasn't a gaffe. Those watching the TV news on Friday night might have picked up a clue as to who might be getting in behind Cunliffe.

So with this background we guess answers for Adam's three questions.

Does Roughan think that Goff has done his chips? It would appear so.

Is someone whispering in Roughan's ear? Some or all of Helen Clark, Heather Simpson, Kathryn Street, and David Cunliffe

Who does Roughan see as future leader? David Cunliffe