May 21, 2008

More To Alt TV Leak Than Ratings Boost?

Interesting post on Tumeke by Martyn "Bomber"Bradbury who seems to be the same Martyn "Bomber"Bradbury involved in Producing the now famous interview on Alt TV. The NZ political blog ranking service run by Tumeke describes "Bomber"as "Left". Now this service is not always correct. They describe us as ''right"when we are "centre" but in the case of their own blogsite we accept this as a confession.

The post on Goff is an overt call for change in the Labour leadership before the election.

So we can only assume that yesterday's leak of the Alt TV interview before it aired was an overt attempt from within the left to destabilise the Labour leadership. Why does Bomber want change?

When I talk to a lot of people about politics, there are few who don’t get angry with Helen Clark – for many reasons she has become a personal target, she is seen in very unflattering terms and as the economy has taken a hit people have turned their anger on her. If Labour want to win the next election in an electorate that is yearning change, then you better present with some change – and what change could be better than at the top? I’m sure that the mainstream media right now are polling to see if Phil Goff has any support – what if he suddenly makes a 20 point bounce in the Preferred Prime Minister poll? By removing Helen, a lot of the anger with Labour may dissipate – one could hope for the intelligence of NZers in an election year to realize that National don’t have any policy – OR one could remove the inflammation to the Party and woo back recent supporters of National who are more disgruntled than believers in the National Party manifesto.So why bother with all of this? Because as desperate a gamble that it is, the risk of National gaining power is much more extreme – we don’t know what their policies are, look at how Bill English just wouldn’t answer any question on Agenda in the weekend, after reading the Hollow Men we know they were focused on implementing a secret right wing agenda of privitisation and their desire to push for change of MMP to a democratic system that favours the elites of society are not the actions of a moderate party, but are the actions of a wolf in sheeps clothing – look at the intelligence Goff used in answering questions on a whole range of issues during the interview with Oliver on Alt Tv last night – he certainly sounded like a Prime Minister.