May 30, 2008

Today's NBR

Today's National Business Review is again worth a read:

Business New Zealand's take over of Export New Zealand gets coverage. We haven't seen much elsewhere

Rob Hosking has an interesting article about Reserve bank concern over stagflation (a concern we have here at The Hive also)

There is an Editorial and article about the oil price bubble and the impact speculators are having on current prices.

We had missed this in our readings of the Australian press - it seems that the Productivity Commission has joined the critics of the Rudd Government's mandatory renewable energy target (why doesn't Treasury have the balls to do the same here???)

Mark Peart, one of the country's few journalists with expertise on trade policy writes two articles. One looks at Obama's very disturbing trade policy. The other picks up the concern of the new Zealand services sector with the latest Doha text.