May 21, 2008

Where Is New Zealand's Statement Welcoming Taiwan's New President?

Dear readers

We are sure that our technical incompetence is to blame.

We can't find Winston Peters' statement defining the next stage of our relationship with our 8th largest export market. Taiwan's new President was sworn in yesterday. The US issued a statement straight away. But we can't find any statement from Winston Peters. Surely it must be somewhere?

If it exists we are sure it will say that we welcome the great example that Taiwan is setting as a democracy in the region.

We look forward to working with the new President to reduce tensions in Taiwan Strait.

We encourage the early establishment of direct air and sea links with the mainland.

We hope that Taiwan will immediately open itself to Chinese tourists.

We encourage Taiwan and China to establish a dialogue on other areas of economic integration asap.

We hope that Taiwan will continue its strong humanitarian support for the relief effort in Sichuan. If New Zealand can support this effort let us know.

Taiwan is the ancestral homeland of the Maori. New Zealand would like to continue to grow linkages with Taiwan's aboriginal peoples and with Taiwan on health, cultural and social issues specific to Taiwan's aboriginal population.

Well said Winston!!


The Hive