May 31, 2008

Indian Trade Minister Casts Doubt On 2008 End For WTO Negotiations

Press reports from India today are quoting Indian Commerce Minister Nath as saying that he has doubts about the possibility of finishing off the WTO negotiations this year

Commerce minister Kamal Nath said he's disappointed that World Trade Organization talks are being held up and raised reservations about completing the Doha Round of negotiations by the end of the year. "We are deeply disappointed to note that one major developed country has again succeeded in holding up the process because of its desire to protect its WTO-inconsistent measure of zeroing in on anti-dumping" measures, Nath said in a release issued in New Delhi on Friday, without naming the nation.

This report from the Guardian explains who the WTO member is.

The Hive is becoming increasingly convinced that the US does not want to end the Doha Round this year.