May 26, 2008

Goff Fires Shot Across Peters' Bow?

MFAT is chattering today over pointed comments made today by Phil Goff when opening the FTA roadshow in Wellington. Readers might recall our reporting of growing disquiet by Goff over what he is seeing with MFAT management of the trade policy work. Today he apparently made a pointed comment about the new monies that had been voted to MFAT and his hope that the bulk would be channelled to trade policy and the trade negotiating teams. We were not there by we know Adam Smith of the Inquiring Mind was. Looking forward to your first hand account Adam. Readers will know that the negotiating teams have been expressing disquiet over MFAT plans to squander the extra money on the non-negotiating areas. Some of those in the room from MFAT were straight on the phone back to head office.