Jul 4, 2008

Yesterday's Trans Tasman

Another bumper issue from Trans Tasman covering many of the themes carried in The Hive. They seem to have a subscription issue on right now - you really should be a subscriber.

Scary Thought?

TT looks at the parallels between the popularity of the UK and NZ Labour Parties and of the tactics they are using to fight the opposition - the trouble is there has been a mood shift in the electorates. TT asks whether it is all over for Labour here and notes that the PM still sees Labour with a chance of victory if it can get NZ First, Maori and Green Party support. Scary thought it asks? Not for The Hive, there is no way Maori would be so dumb and we think that any Government relying on support from both NZ First and the Greens will not last more than 6 months.

Re-nationalised Rail Drag On The Economy?

TT notes that NZ doesn't have the freight volumes necessary between the main centres to make rail profitable - even if the network is re-engineered.

Where will the new MFAT posts be opened?

TT thinks that the Gulf and Eastern Europe are the most likely places for new posts.

Abu Dhabi is mentioned. Upgrading Vienna to a bilateral Ambassadorship seems to be suggested - but Bonn is now Berlin - TT (has been for about 10 years)

A bilateral post in Switzerland is also mooted (Berlin covers Switzerland also). Interesting that one.....

Abu Dhabi makes sense , but we still prefer Pakistan as an idea. Likewise we would prefer Colombo to Bern. The Vienna idea is a good one, but can be done at no cost. Just change the name of the UN Mission and maybe send a slightly more senior Ambassador next time around. The Austrians will be delighted. It is not as if they have an Ambassador here...............

Red Russel's First Day Blooding

TT also highlights how Russel Norman came of worse in his first Parliamentary exchange with Annette King.