Jul 11, 2008

Transmission Gully

The new alignment for the Transmission Gully Motorway has been revealed. We welcome this. We need this road. Some idiots in high places in Wellington city are still fighting however. They want the money earmarked for the motorway for projects closer to home. We don't want to wish a natural disaster on Wellington but one will happen one day. We hope the idiots are still alive to explain their opposition when the state highway is closed for several months and Wellington slowly starves.

Annette King deserves full credit for her support for this project. Unfortunately some of her colleagues, and some candidates in the region have been less staunch in their support. National in contrast seems prepared to borrow to fund the project. Labour's less than fullsome support could well cost Darren Hughes and Grant Robertson their electorate seats. We don't know where Chauvel will be ranked on the list but he and Robertson might be worried in that regard also.