Jul 11, 2008

Secret Service Worried About Obama's Nuts

Jessie Jackson has apologised about his threat to cut off Obama's nuts. And Barack has accepted the apology. But will the incident help of hinder Obama's campaign? On the one hand Jackson's "talking down" comment reveals how many black leaders actually see Obama. On the other, the incident has focused attention to Obama's position on personal responsibility. This issue could win Obama some Republican votes.

This report from Bloomberg suggests that the incident could end up being positive for Obama

The Reverend Jesse Jackson's derogatory comments about Barack Obama could provide a boost for the presumptive Democratic nominee, giving him an opportunity to win over some voters who have been skeptical of his candidacy.
Jackson was appearing on Fox News on July 6 when a microphone picked up his remark suggesting that Obama was ``talking down to black people'' in recent speeches at black churches, according to a tape of the comments played on the Fox News Channel.
He then said, referring to Obama, ``I want to cut his nuts off,'' according to the Fox News
Web site.
Jackson was speaking at the time to
Reed Tuckson, executive vice president and chief medical officer of United Health Group Inc.
Jackson, 66, apologized for his remarks, telling CNN yesterday that they were ``crude.'' The comments may turn out to help Obama by emphasizing his call for personal responsibility, a favorite topic of Republicans, said
Mark Rozell, a professor of public policy at George Mason University in Arlington, Virginia.
``It reinforces Obama's effort to present himself as an advocate of responsible personal behavior, a position that Republican candidates like to secure as uniquely their own,'' Rozell said.