Jul 16, 2008

PM Reassured - We Are Not

There is too much uncertainty over this matter for it to be allowed to continue.

It is fine for Winston to reassure the PM but more needs to be done.

Winston has offered his audited accounts. These are no use as the auditors will have only done what they were asked to, and looking for donations from Owen Glenn would not have been one of them. But NZ First should now allow an independent audit of their accounts to reveal to the public exactly where its money is coming from.

Owen Glenn also needs a chance to clarify things. Maybe the Auditor General should be tasked with reporting on Glenn's side of the story. If he says he donated, we need to see fund transfer details.

All correspondence, including e-mail and telephone, between all Cabinet Ministers, MPs, Government Officials and Party Officials should be released.

Someone is not telling the truth and we need to find out fast.

While the above is going on Winston Peters should stand down as Foreign Minister. He could keep Racing so he keeps the baubles - the car and the salary.