Jul 5, 2008

Gap Remains In Roy Morgan Poll

There is only minor change in the latest Roy Morgan poll. National (51.5%) and Labour (30.5%) maintain an idential gap but both have shed 1%. The 2% that was freed up has been spread between Green 8% (up 1), Maori 2.5% (up 0.5), and United 1% (up 0.5).

Gary Morgan says:

“The latest New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll shows National Party support remains well ahead of Helen Clark’s Labour Government, National Party (51.5%) leading Labour (30.5%).
“New Zealanders are being squeezed by the rising prices of petrol and food. These pressures are forcing New Zealanders to cut back on spending with the
Roy Morgan New Zealand Consumer Confidence Rating showing a record high number of New Zealanders (49%) saying now is a bad time to buy major household items.
“Helen Clark’s Labour Government is heading for defeat in the forthcoming election. They need to find a way to ease the pressures on New Zealanders by cutting interest rates now.”