Jul 4, 2008

Cunners's Seat Getting Hotter

It is interesting to learn that Cunners did know quite a bit about Mary Anne. How much did his colleagues know?

National Party Immigration spokesman Lockwood Smith says the acting Immigration Minister has confirmed today that David Cunliffe knew it was Mary Anne Thompson who was at the centre of an inquiry into illegal decision-making at the Pacific division.
“So now we know that the ambitious David Cunliffe knew that the PM’s one time head of department was at the centre of the Oughton report. What we don’t know, is whether Mr Cunliffe told any of his colleagues, or specifically Helen Clark – especially given her demands for ‘no surprises’ from ministers.

“Mr Cunliffe knew that Mary Anne Thompson was the subject of an inquiry from April 2007, but we are being expected to believe that he took no interest in the findings of that report and told no-one about it until it was finally made public in April this year.
“It is certainly hard to accept that the ambitious Mr Cunliffe could resist telling his colleagues that Mary Anne Thompson might be in hot water.”
Dr Smith says Mr Cunliffe should clear up the matter.

We agree