Jul 15, 2008

Are Winston's Problems Helen's Business?

Yes they are when they affect the Government's image in the eyes of the rest of the world. Our view all along was the Winston should not have been given a portfolio which is supposed to be New Zealand's face to the world. He has done some things well, but mostly, he has muddled along. Some things have been done badly also. Not the type of record you want for your Foreign Minister but one could cope with a continuation of this record until November.

But now we a have a Minister with a credibility that is falling at home by the day, and who is becoming increasingly isolated and distracted (doesn't he remind people of Muldoon in the days before he called his famous snap election?) The Diplomatic corps in Wellington are lapping this up, and reporting developments daily around the world. They are laughing at us in Wellington and around the world. Do we really want this? And it is being interpreted as as further sign of a Government on its last legs - is that what Labour really wants right now?

When your lap dog has fleas what do you do? You treat the problem.

When your lapdog has been run over several times and is mortally wounded what do you do? You put it down.