Aug 10, 2008

Brash For London?

The Sunday Star Times - Anthony Hubbard and Nicky Hager - are reporting that John Key is planning to send Don Brash to London as High Commissioner (Hager sure has a Brash fixation).

We are frankly unconvinced. Washington would be our choice. There is talk around town about Bolger being offered London.

All this is academic. National needs to win the election. We doubt that Key would make any decisions until after winning and looking at the size of the win. The occupant of the White House is another factor. Brash would work well with a McCain Administration.

There is also talk about Peters for London, should Labour win. Who knows, but we do feel a bit sorry for MFAT's Derek Leask who must be a bit disconcerted by all this talk. We hear very positive things about the hard work that Leask is doing for New Zealand in London - as sharp contrast to the Former Minister for Wine and Cheese. And lets not forget the former National Party President who developed a unique way to give the dining table at the London Residence a French polish!!