Aug 29, 2008

Good News For Labour?

We are not sure we agree with this, but John Armstrong sees the latest twist in the Peters' scandal as good news for Labour (clearly Labour have not been sharing their internal polling with Armstrong). Yes, this does let Labour lance a huge boil, but huge damage has been done and the SFO inquiry, and confession by the PM that she knew about Glenn's donation in February have more than undone Labour's recent gains.

Very bad news for Winston Peters. But very good news for Labour. The Serious Fraud Office's decision to investigate NZ First's handling of large cash donations made to the party by well-known business figures is a more than timely blessing in disguise for the Prime Minister.
Facing mounting pressure to deal with Peters to stop his multiplying crises tainting Labour by association, Helen Clark now has the perfect excuse to stand him down from his ministerial portfolios without his having any valid reason to complain.
When she talks to Peters today, she can cite the precedent of David Parker, who was temporarily suspended as a minister while being investigated by the registrar of companies in 2006.