Aug 24, 2008

TV3 Poll

The latest poll result will be no surprise to Hive readers as we told you what it was going to be on Friday. We heard it from our Labour Party sources. Interesting they had the result so early.

Very concerning for the Greens and NZ First. Now at The Hive we think that Winston and Party should be removed by the forthcoming election and New Zealand will be rid the pork barrel politics that NZ First has brought to New Zealand politics. But we see a continuing place for Green politics in our Parliament. And we don't think that Labour is a true Green Party. It might pretend to be to get votes, but who is it taking votes from????

Vote no to the watered down ETS and you will be back in Parliament Greens. Vote yes and you will be out for the next three years. Equation simple. Just as Duncan Garner said on the news tonight - look at the trend. Labour is taking your votes away.